Things to do in the surrounding area...

Our B&B is located in the historical centre of Dro and you can find lots to do in the local area, in terms of sports activities and excursions for all levels of ability and tastes.

From Dro it takes about 15-20 minutes by car to Lake Garda, 15 minutes to Lake Cavedine, about 30 minutes to Lake Ledro and the same to Lake Tenno. All these places can also be reached easily by bicycle from the B&B.

There are also a number of mountain pathways that start near to “Time for You”. These are perfect for walking, trekking, running or mountain biking or simply for pleasant walks with your children and your dog/s, if you have brought them along with you. The surrounding area also offers lots of opportunities for rock-climbing and also for water sports activities.

If you want to organise a climbing excursion or an excursion into the mountains you can rent equipment via the web site

If you’d like to arrange an excursion into the mountains we’d also be happy to accompany you (with prior arrangement and subject to our availability ??) – We have extensive knowledge of the local area and of the best and safest routes. Or we can also recommend Letizia – also a local mountain guide. If, on the other hand you’d like to try some mountain trail running, Luca will be happy to be your guide and accompany you on some stunning trails with breath-taking views.

If you’d like to have a go at one of the local “Vie Ferrate” (iron paths), canyoning or rock climbing we’d be happy to put you in touch with the people at “Mmove” the sporting association “Friends of Arco” who will help you arrange an excursion to fit your requirements/abilities.

In Dro you can find all the services you might need on hand including bike hire with rental bikes available from “STOP AND GO The road from Dro” to Lake Garda is very flat with no steep hills and it is an easy and pleasant ride to get there by bicycle.

If you’d prefer to do something less energetic, and more relaxing, you could spend some time in our yoga studio with Katia who will be happy to guide you in a yoga session ora lesson of Yoga&Pilates.